AngusPure Ltd, through its partnership with Silver Fern Farms, Wilson Hellaby’s and McDonalds, is responsible for the verification of animals going into the Angus programs in New Zealand.

To achieve this, AngusPure Ltd contracted PBB to build and support Angus Source and Trace (AST), a customised version of HerdMASTER 4, which is the latest in world leading software for livestock recording and reporting.

Developed with the intention to minimise the time spent recording and maximise the value of recorded information, AST provides the vital link in making traceability of Angus Cattle, from paddock to plate, simple and efficient.

Angus Source and Trace is going to be highly beneficial for all parties in the value-added chain. Knowledge, traceability and feedback of important information from birth to slaughter, through this programme, will allow immense strides in improving genetic advancement in the field of meat quality, profitability, feed usage and feed efficiency for all those striving to produce the very best beef.

Ultimately, breeding the most profitable animals may become more predictable and defined for all breeders – both stud and commercial. Furthermore, consumers will have that guarantee that the authenticity of the product they are purchasing and consuming is known and therefore guaranteed by the most stringent standards.

HerdMASTER Commercial has been designed for the proactive manager as a practical program for all levels of computer users. HerdMASTER Commercial is the herd management tool that ties everything together.

HerdMASTER: Key Features

• Electronic management system for stud and commercial herds.

• View entire animal histories, including pedigree, in one screen.

• Formatted to breed society requirements.

• Built in weight graphs and reports geared to the commercial user.

• NAIT Ready.

Qualify for a PREMIUM on your Angus Cattle
and get NAIT compliant with the official AST Tags

As of 1 July, 2012:

• Angus cattle going into any AngusPure programme will have to
  be APST tagged.

• NAIT compliant electronic tags become mandatory.

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or phone Patrice at PBBnz: 06 323 4484
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Arron Hoyle
McDonalds Supply Chain Manager, Australasia,

in a statement about Angus Source & Trace said

“Certainly this will be a step in the right direction for Angus cattle farmers and for the industry in general. McDonald’s fully supports whole of life traceability for livestock. We view whole of life traceability as an essential goal that all levels of the red meat industry need to be working towards. I applaud any effort in moving down the path that protects, and encourages NZ farmers and meat processors to embrace the opportunity to implement a livestock traceability program. Any work that can be done to minimize risk quickly and efficiently to isolate problems or disease are positive for the NZ industry.”